Michigan's Finest Frozen Ingredients

Michigan Freeze Pack excels at processing IQF vegetables for our ingredient customers. Michigan Freeze Pack can manufacture to the customers packaging and product specification or to any number of our currently active (internal) specifications. Our flexibility to meet customer needs is the key to our success. In unique situations, Michigan Freeze Pack’s Grower\Ownership can plant and harvest specific varieties of vegetables for processing (volume requirements would apply). We look forward to becoming your Ingredient supplier of choice.


Regular Tote, HPT41 and Reinforced totes are available.

Special requirements can be addressed.

Bag in Totes

Michigan freeze Pack can process products in a “Bag-in-Tote” configuration as well as any number of customer specific packaging guidelines. A full bagging operation is available.


20#, 30#, 40#, 45# and 50#

In addition, customer specific carton sizes can be addressed.

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